“This just is either apt that the” Fukuyama Masaharu and Fukiishi Kazue ardent love of was “fan certified”!?

Ardent love of Fukiishi Kazue of popular singer Fukuyama Masaharu and actress, was reported in the released 27 photos weekly magazine “Friday” (Kodansha).According to the magazine, hat from last year in December around, glasses, that blown that was completely defenseless in such as a mask had been frequently out of the Fukuyama home apartment in Tokyo.The warning the first time is horrendously, if you perceive the media and looked like suspicious vehicles, impossible to is not visited the apartment, also be dragonfly return home …….

It suggests that your opponent is a big game to get the “super” at this point.Decisive two-shot photo is not, of course both of belonging office while it is completely negative dating.But, the magazine has been declared as “devoted discovered” with confidence.

Also follow to another weekly magazine reporter on this.

and “had been eyeing is not the only” Friday “.Certain woman weekly magazine also blown seems are taking the figure to attend home apartment Fukuyama.Last year seems to have been promoting the coverage in the span of a few months from the fall ”

Also continue another reporter.

That’s right information were received that “see” Fukiishi’s a well in apartments around the Fukuyama-san from where there “.First but seems to have been interviewed Koji Imada’s comedian living in the same apartment in the main line, where it was the story in avid female fan of Fukuyama “Oh I thought! “It seems to have supposed to be.Fukuyama In between the fans because it seems she was there “not want to admit I had inkling premonition to” ”

Appearance of blown in disguise in Fukuyama live venue is often witnessed, “but I often it is together with stakeholders and looked like a person of friends and work, her eyes stare at him on stage with other It’s about Some female fans to testify and different feel “is.

Miho in the past and Yuki Uchida Shiraishi, ardent love with Manami Konishi has also been rumored to Fukuyama.Although it was reaction such as fan is generally “anyway probably play” against the three, the name was vigorously shaken in this time of “Fukiishi Kazue”, how such “…… finally whether this day has come.”.Fukuyama also blown also seems to want to “that it was not” to this news, but the degree of impact is immeasurable -.

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