Tidy than German women, German man “my room” no longer toilet?- Lion examined


● In fact, single men worries me the most beautiful love than women “toilet”

First, (German man: Dokuo) Single Male “Do you like to clean?When asked with “, 66 percent of respondents with” and “beautiful love.On the other hand, single women (German woman: Dokujo) at 44% in, it was found that between the German woman and German man, it is also 1.5 times more open.In addition, Dokuotoko replied “cleaning the beans” and while was 53%, I was only 38% in Germany woman.From this result actually than German woman towards the German man is “beautiful love” was found.

In addition, “Cleaning Is it good?While even to question “, 41% of German man answered” good “, it was answered” good “in German woman only 25%.There seems to be a trend longer than the German woman who German man is a “tidy”, “cleaning likes” and.

In, Germany man wonder if to clean what the location of the house.In “house, a place where you are to clean Where is the man?As a result of the question, “What was most frequent next to 66% in the” toilet “, and has resulted in more than 61% of the time that you spend most of the long” living “.Following continued “bathroom, washroom,” “Kitchen” (55%) (54%), “bedroom” (54%).

● “To wipe it diligently” Men notice immediately dirty toilet 89%

More than (26%) German woman in the 33% “I like cleaning toilets,” Nanoha, and how one is to actively clean the toilet in three people in Germany man.When asked the reason, the opinion that it “feels good because I’m using the beautiful” is often.That since it is not just for the urinating standing, toilet around easy dirt compared with women, the opportunity to raise the toilet seat at the time of urination is large, easily noticed dirt also seems to affect men.By the way, brisk wiping 90 percent supported, If you notice in the dirt of my toilet, point the German man to keep clean the toilet at home, seems to have kept a clean and wipe off quickly immediately.

In addition, place to be worried about when I went to the house of “friends Where are you?When asked the “people here also answered” toilet “was the most and 89%, greater than” entrance “,” living “(88%) (78%),” bathroom-toilet “(73%) It was the result.German man, suggests that more than any place in the house, attention to “that you clean the toilet” is strong and attention when I went to the house of the people to the “toilet” is also a very high.

● game, work, personal computer also some people that was full up to three hours … in the toilet

Dokuotoko that I try to clean the toilet regularly as this is often, I wonder if there will be used for purposes other than the “have a wash” the toilet.Man in Germany, Do you have be used for the purpose of get a wash, other than toilet “home?When the question “, people 64 percent of respondents with” some “.As specific application, the result was “read”, “thinking” (59%) (55%), “mail”, etc. (48%) is often.The German man, a person who can take a concentration in the toilet seems to many.

By the way, the German guy I wonder aware as any space toilet.Maximum time to “In the past, it was muffled in my toilet What is the?The question of the “Some people have experience up as” 180 minutes “, was full three hours of toilet between what.

The thing at that time, you had was toilet specifically, you have already addicted to “mobile game.(34 years) “I had to mail in” PC.(33 years) “was sleeping about” 2 hours.(31 years old) “I was making much about two hours the proposal of” work.Opinions of (33 years) “went up.And there are people who make a proposal in the toilet, the toilet is not an exaggeration to say that “his office” anymore, but you can be such toilets will because clean and comfortable.That German guy who addicted to the comfort of your own is greater revealed.

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