The voice of “the future, does not cooperate,” “like fraud” from Johnny’s fan to panda plan of Masahiko Kondo

“Panda Bid” plan to Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Yagiyama animal park by Masahiko eldest son Bow Kondo of Johnny’s office has launched “Marching J”.May lead to two horses panda from China, it’s concept is that covered by 4 affiliates of donation of fundraising and Johnny’s office gathered cost five years required (about 5 billion yen) in the “Marching J” to the breeding.

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Kondo end of last year, with even some Tetsuko Kuroyanagi in Japan Panda Protection Association honorary chairman, in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Prime Minister Noda met.It is said, such as “to go continue to signing up to realization,” “junior even if you can bring them to cooperate,” but for the fact bid is that it is the state that is almost nominated in only waiting for the schedule adjustment of the Chinese side.

“If regain the affected areas of the children of smile ……”

The chest such a thought, himself and invented this idea Kondo was revealed that it had been efforts from the previous six months.You are with glee as such as “the panda house you want to set a credit of” Marching J “” “Do not nice I could also feed cost of fundraising Panda”, but for this activity, from essential of Johnny’s fans helped to fund-raising have raised a frosty voice.

“Last year fund-raising activities and that have been made in April, charity baseball tournament, then, we have continued a little while fundraising to shop of donation boxes.But, shock Nante become that it is used all for panda.Really …… Would do it is for the affected areas.Simply feel like had been used only in order to increase the stock of matches “(Johnny’s fans who participated in the event, etc.)

In addition, Kondo as one of the reasons of panda bid, “it has been supporting disaster area even when the Great Hanshin Earthquake, (in local government side) with respect to Tsukaimichi did not tell me the details.And he now says that he wanted to clearly be said activities Tsukaimichi “to fans, but has raised the voice of objection from another direction even for this.

“When the Great Hanshin Earthquake charity activities are continued for about nine years, was asked to donate a CD profits of J-FRIENDS.Donations are used primarily for school education business, for example, in 2000 are equipped with school all of the Internet environment of city Kobe.Kondo-san is referred to as “did not tell me regarding Tsukaimichi”, these all are specified in Kobe home page, I can see anyone.I do not know until the presence or absence of reporting to Johnny’s, It is sad from being told to like ungrateful Kobe “(Kobe resident 30s women)

By the way this time, “Marching J” as the other fund-raising events of the last year April 1 to 3, in May and held a charity baseball tournament.I have done delivery of paid video from the official site (stated as part becomes a fund-raising) and concert venues and family club, the activities such as placing donation boxes in shops so far.However, I usually leave no still mention of donation total to be announced a meaning of thanks after the these activities.

For media that has questions about “donation amount, Kondo Some child that issued” five yen, are also a child of 1,000 yen.It is I believe How about to announce.However, I was talking to much’m down “than the amount that you can imagine.In fact, there is also such a fan of manners violation, it might did not gather as forehead, it is that there is no need to hide if truth in it.The Nante’s “under much”, a little than compassion is too name is for fans? I became worried that “(woman weekly magazine reporter)

Or a result of dissatisfaction with the such a posture is stacked, since news of panda bid flows rebound of fans one seems to increase, but did not fund-raising from the beginning I thought it to be used in the “panda.Self Mitsuru act that I do not think really like fraud “,” thing of the affected areas.In addition to voice and that does not cooperate, “the future,” the future, when the concert goods also part of the sales I think or not it will be used to panda, also the voice of paranoia that you want no “buy …….

Last year in April, was conducted over three days, immediately after fundraising event of talent mobilization in spite of the “fundraising, buttons, coins, and placed in donation boxes in the calm trash.Talent is the value of the button who participated in this activity? Coin Is? Garbage Is?”And the office that the anger shaking mail had been sent for fan club members.However, whether real manners violations either of the …….& Hold the marinated in good faith of the fan is likely expensive.

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