[US] blog hair salon of Japan “satisfied with the technology and courteous service.”

In the United States of blog “vivianlostinseoul.blogspot”, American women during their stay in Japan is talking about hair salon.

The author, about Japanese hair salon, is even spelled your impressions and satisfaction enough unchanged quality is high even went to the local city.It ‘s difficult to find your favorite hair salon in the new town of moving away, but when it comes to Tokyo, you are hugging but thankfully a good impression that there is no off.

That author, I went to the hair salon that had been introduced in the very sense of good friends of blog.and liked to more than hairstyle thought, highly evaluated and now has become a repeater.The reason is said that technology and treatments of the quality of the hair cut was the best.

Most of the staff is to me to correspond in English, you are surprised to us with styling to understand the difference between the hair of the Japanese.That also stylist me in charge to rely on the towel soaked with lavender oil to the shoulders and head, was carefully thrilled massage also gave subjected and to it are not services in the United States.

Author of stylist popular high, that it is difficult to book in nomination.How is enjoying that cut the professional work the first time and the hair, so make me supremely comfortable the author himself, and wrote and also understand why nomination often.I wished hair style, it is determined that do not fit in the hair that is thick and wave, but became the opposite of style, it is said to have satisfied as a result.  Where the author you introduce this hair salon in the blog, you responded with a number of friends went the hair cut, have spelled that it seems to have loved.I have concluded with the people who do not yet decided the hair salon I want to try by all means.(Editors: Hull Koji Yamaguchi Tajima)