Whether the student Why say, “ do not know the difference between the companies also look at”? – Tsunemi Yohei

I gave a talk to the third year for the university in job hunting in the university in Tokyo.There was such questions from students.
 “It’s is I was Limit search to the industry in Rikunabi, I any company even look the same ….”
     ■ student worries that “any company also looks the same.”
 He is interested in department stores, but with the company in the future of the deployment, nor charm of work looked together.
  I also tried to search.And was re-confirmed, choice is that surprisingly small by industry.I In the whole Rikunabi I 7,375 current February 2, 2012 companies are listed, and try to find it crowded squeezing the industry, department stores are 18 companies in the nation.When narrow down in the Kanto and now 10 companies.Of course, but this is due to industry circumstances that department store.For the industry restructuring, rather it is why the number of companies is low.
 I tried reading the adoption ad.Mumu ….If there is no prior knowledge, the students I felt Na would not know.I, since have lived once nearly 40 years, then you have a basic knowledge of the department store industry although it is not a professional, so has been considerable use I companies difference was somehow found but.Clearly felt and “This is different!”, It was only KOMEHYO.Whether students are captured’s “department store” this company but is another problem.
 All companies “to the strengths the rich”, “PB products to put the power” such as “Proposal of lifestyle,” “cherish our customers.” “To focus on overseas expansion”, it says the same thing.Only looked at this on the screen of the PC or cell phone, you will not know unless prior knowledge.To pay an additional fee, companies that have established such as feature pages but certainly I look better.
 I remember the words of Porter ■ called “Japanese companies have no strategy”
 I was reminded of some words.It is a word “in Japanese companies there is no strategy.”.Before long indeed ’15 is a word that has been introduced to the instructor of the seminar.Originally, landlord of competitive strategy theory, it was the words of Michael Porter of Harvard University.
 Doing anything to do with strategy, it is possible to determine not what Yarra, is to take your own position.Japanese companies, this is not clear, or not than side-by-side of all, the.
 Recruitment is also just so.Including major corporations, companies adopted strategy is clear is not quite.The important is each of the “strategy”, “tactics”, “battle” is when that “fight”, that there is a consistent, although it is I important that as possible spear properly, only a lot of recruiters that of “tactics” do not think.also I feel a weak part of the last of the spear as possible to “combat”.Is it how many of recruiters that prematurely give up when you have already other companies and batting.Of course, but also to divide When ginger not even chasing there is one of the strategy.Some people are saying that “on the inner there is a strategy”, has often said that tactical level.As a result, I would change sliding to the fact that whether the issue when prospective story to be “adopted strategy” is.
 Adoption ad would say that reflects the side-by-side this constitution.
 ■ The Good luck to push down the difference employment information company properly in the document
 Another cause, sales representative of employment information company, is a skill part by production personnel.Honestly, I do not hear a good reputation from recruiters.Properly while the customer challenges and hearing, to extract the charm, to push down on the representation.You feel that this matter of course not been able.
 When I also you were a recruiter, because salespeople major employment information company was too isnt, Have you ever asked to change the charge to put a claim in boss of the person in charge.On the other hand, but also have more of excellent in charge, there even that you have choice as “in charge of ○○ san as does not change …”.Although I think if also the amplitude of the skill is too large by such person.
 The recruiters, vendors control skills have been questioned.Pull out the power of the salesperson, you must have the power to management to get active.I do not want too much talk of “the old days was good …” but, previously sales saga to employment information company, there was a thing called production saga.The faces seriously and customers, darken until the mechanism of a new adoption, there was often talk that won the customer satisfaction.
 However, this is also the inevitable story.Major employment information company this 10 years, than the proposed strengthening of sales, got off the rudder to sales of products out type.In a sense, business I is not that efficient.I say also that it result.Recruiters troubles come applicant’s “job Navi.I want people do this. “.While adoption technique also changes, the employment information company employees are expected high problem-solving force.
 However, also about to change major job information company.This time, a major employment information company gave a regime change and name change.Recruit announced a change in the management system.I have divided the company.Department of full-time job advertisements such as Rikunabi integrates with recruitment agents are dealing with, such as recruiting.That it and became a system that officers of the old recruitment agent often.I because towards the recruitment agent is now both large presence sales.Tomoyuki Mr. Mizutani to become president of the new company (because public figures will issue the name) is a person who is also that it has been rumored that the next president of recruitment body.Responsible for recruitment advertising department were also replaced.Expectations for the new system is growing.Mynavi also gave its name change last October.While it is said that it is not anymore employment navigation era, I feel ready to point you did this in company name.
 You meet well with the students aspiring human resources business industry.However, frequently asked for from them, if you “search, is the many companies that are displayed as black on the results.After all, do you black?”It becomes mixed feelings, but the often challenging exploitation companies that mimic the management style of recruitment superficially it would be the fact.
 For the employment information company of appropriate encounter of students and companies, and I want committed to purification of industry.
 ■ to be see through the lies, such as the adults of bandage
 You must be a cold perspective for students.Rikunabi is after all, I ad.It is made to be the most happy for advertisers.Advertising in response to the side-by-side advertisers of intention will be made.When looking at job ads, only large companies are those of nowhere pushing global conscious general trading company.Venture or Petit recruit, is Petit cyber agent style.Basic, It does not only write good thing, also reportedly intentionally bad information.
 But, the world is such a thing.And to see through the lies, such as bandages, can be thought of as a baptism for leave to society.
  Students print out the job ads, I want to to bright red in red pen.Upon other sources of information, it is not do not do not find yourself the difference between the companies.
 Was this from Japanese companies that thought from word of job hunting students, it was essay you thought about the future of human resources business.