Asano Tadanobu and Nakazato Yosha is 16 years of age difference love, in Osaka broad daylight Dating “hug & kiss”.

The actor Tadanobu Asano (38 years old) and actress of Riisa Naka (22 years old), devoted news came out.Those photos weekly magazine of current sale “Friday” is reportedly and how are in close contact by turning the hand to the shoulder in the magazine, waiting for a signal, in the taxi, such as figure that hug at the station of the home, a number of Photos have been posted.

Was published in the magazine “broad daylight! Tadanobu Asano (Heart) Riisa Naka” hug and kiss! Osaka Dating whole story of “” is, as the title, content to report the state of the Dating Osaka.Of late January day, opposite the relationship in Osaka that Asano for cinematography to stay, shopping mall and Tokyu Hands of Shinsaibashi, America Mura, such as in the fun dating cafe, and have repeatedly hug and kiss in the journey that was.And, also in two of the left hand ring finger was shining pairing of golden.The magazine is not only this time, I hear that was not catch the two multiple of date information from the end of last year.

Asano 38-year-old born in 1973.Passed the audition of drama “3-year B 組金八 teacher” (TBS system) in 1988, and began walking the road of actor.When play a movie debut in 1990 in “flutter kick goldfish” (Joji Matsuoka Director), one after another around the work of the young director appearances.In recent years to expand the playing field in the world, in 2008 starring role of Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia collaboration movie “Mongolia” has been nominated for the 80th Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.In the work of the public the future, for example, appeared in the protagonists in Hollywood was made as 100 anniversary album Universal Pictures movie “Battleship” (April 13 public), it has become one of the actors to represent Japan.

In private, is married CHARA singer who co-starred in the movie “PiCNiC” in 1995 (Iwai Shunji Director).Is provided with a 1 M 1 woman, but divorced in July 2009.That then, but was reported also dating and Diana of model Chiaki (24 years old), was already catastrophe.

Naka is 22-year-old born in 1989.Active from around 2006 in film and drama, it was break in such continuously appeared in 2008 drama “81diver” (Fuji TV).Then also appeared in many works, in appearance to the current storm Matsumoto Jun starring “month 9” drama “Lucky Seven” (Fuji TV).