China geek surprised to Jai child to play Atsuko Maeda

Toyota’s live-action Doraemon series of The CM had become a little hot topic in China, even folks of China geek to cast to play the Doraemon character that became 30-year-old seems to be surprised with a variety.Even in the fourth episode, “If world Nobita of” Hen of which became the other day aired, Jaiko plays Atsuko Maeda folks of China geek in that appearance was as amazed.

********* Honest, Doraemon is because there was gonna be Jean Reno, and was wondering anymore surprising is that there is no.But Toyota’s CM is Toka Atsuko …… Jai child actor who has directed the further surprise is Maeda, What are you what becomes!?

This …… this is I did not quite expect.If what from the image of Jaiko and’m going to be in this cast!

Wow, wonder if this is not it nice that it is me choose …… another Nobita Jaiko.

My Nobita “Shizuka-chan, shin husband and your happiness!” In the brain, but I’m saying refreshing and.

Dorayaki is not visible to dorayaki have of Jean Reno.

When I eat things that the size of the circle at that face, but it does seem only to Toka or hamburger.

Rather than the cause as it is played in the real actor character, properly mix the story, yet only a wow Nante build so as not to be rejected by the fan.Moreover, the general of the companies that are doing this.I’ll feels the power of Japanese anime and manga.

Terrible in this deployment good sense.Doraemon, actually is not it had been cheated Nobita?

Not only Doraemon of Jean Reno, Jaiko Toka …… man that organized the live action of the Ah-chan I’m a heck what head.

Honestly I AKB also I do not like even Atsuko Maeda, but deployment of Jaiko is grown to Atsuko Maeda would have to say a great.

I agree.Yourself felt Moe first to Atsuko Maeda in this CM.Even so, Is this childhood friend is than golden pattern of romantic comedy that appear in front of him is a beauty ……

You’ve first thought Nobita of this CM series and enviable.

Presence or absence.I realize the memories and mistakes of childhood.Might be a guy that this is also a kind of “memories of childhood is broken.”.

If Jaiko from becoming this, I wonder come no longer think best to Nobita to marry Shizuka-chan.

In fact, I’ve noticed that a very …, or not it was sent by Shizuka-chan of conspiracy me Doraemon?*********

Chinese name of Jaiko is, has become a “Yutakaimoto” in that sister of “Yutakatora” (Chinese name of the Giant).Because the meaning such as “Yutakatora” is “Fatty tiger”, the meaning of the Chinese name of Jaiko will become to things like “Fatty sister”.This might have been a terrible name than “Jaiko” meaning the original there, even such a place I do not maybe have led to the surprise for the cast of this CM.(Authors: Kagohitsuji Hyakugen)