Way to get the results you want to turn on the “emotional switch” of the other party

People do not work alone theory.For us the first time moved by also consent feelings.Where they become important to, and knowing whether “emotion Switch” Who is where to enter.Feelings and is reaction to a stimulus.To give the appropriate stimulus, and if it is possible to turn on the opponent’s emotion switch, will move from nature and beyond.

Renowned psychologist Paul Ekman in research on emotions, are described term is though the mechanism of emotion to the switch.

“” What in the moment that there is felt also a feeling and you are ready to wide area broadcast “weaving, and of any time is also set to” switch is on “state, it’s a feature of the signal system that emotion”
I called.

The human leave contains the “emotional switch” on computer.It is that can not stop the feelings.

People will try to move in theory when trying to move the opponent.

However, among the opponent’s mind is why is moving emotion earlier than the theory.

Although interested in the contents of the “It’s people who do not like to somehow care”, also to or reluctant to compliance, human beings because capture things through feelings.

Not only convince in theory, to convince in mind.It also convince with emotion, I lead to moving the opponent.

Where they become important is, it is that the opponent’s emotion switch is to know where you are located.How frustrating switch is turned on, or whether they contain joy of switch.Even talk the same language, the impression given to the other party will be different.

The emotion that is a reaction to the stimulus.

If the other party of the switch is in the hard direction listened to talk, is first important to take action, such as to change it.

So, how do you say if we put an opponent feelings switch doing?

Eventually, whether can be in contact with a compassion for the other party, I think than it comes a significant impact.

For example, the person you me advance the story in consideration of his position and thinking, people will feel the compassion.

First, it is important to become like that from your opponent.

Feelings of “love” is also irritating to the other party of emotion.And I will also appear in their actions.

Rather than trying to move the opponent, and I try to be like the other party is likely to joy.It is, to switch the opponent’s emotion switch in positive direction, will lead to that to have a ear to listen to what you say here.

Shibuya Shozo (Shibuya portrait) 1946, Born in Kanagawa Prefecture.Gakushuin University Faculty of Letters graduation, Tokyo Metropolitan University Graduate School of doctoral graduates. Psychology, Literature Dr..Through the Yamanashi Medical University professor, currently, Mejiro Graduate School of Psychology, Graduate School and Social Information Department Professor.Pioneered a new research area called the non-verbal communication was based “space behavioral science”, based on the research results, it has a lot of fans in the book that plain in the commentary to humorous deep psychological lurking in modern people.”Technology to judge people only in appearance” in the main book (PHP Institute), “the book reveals psychology to take in hand” (Kankishuppan), “speech of favorability rating 200% UP” (BUNKASHA ) and so.

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