employment popular companies that businessmen recommend, and …… Bizurichi examined students and different results

Bizurichi 3 days about the companies that want to recommend to college students in job hunting, announced the results of the conducted a questionnaire survey.Study period is December 26, 2011 January 4 years ~ 2012, received responses from the average annual income 10 million yen or more business person 1701 people.

In the first “job destination you want to recommend to college students in job hunting” ranking, MC, three consecutive years won top spot.”It can be active in overseas, global sense because get to learn,” such as, business force global expansion has been evaluated.Mitsui and Itochu also I was rank up than last year.

And this ranking, compared to “students chose Index” and (Diamond Big and lead research), 4 industry other than trading company became a totally different result.With the exception of the trading company ranked companies are many higher-level has not been ranked higher in the survey of college students, the difference in the point of view of students and business people have been clarified.

First, as the company is not in the student side, the “Google”, “IBM Japan” is 5th and 6th place.”Toyota” (second place), “Sony” (third place), etc., also Japanese manufacturers to global expansion, the businessman side rankings became a significant.In emerging companies that growth is expected, “Softbank” (7th) and “optimism” (9) is also within the last year same 10th.It should be noted that Glee growth in social gaming market has been evaluated and DeNA is, for reasons such as “domestic leading companies in the social industry”, “is greater authority given in rookie”, was out of range (# 31 or later) last year was but I have emerged in the 19th position and the # 21.

The university chose ranking of the top 10 companies, foreign is not ranked even one company, but in the survey of business people, foreign companies three companies also ranked.The iPhone 4 was announced last year, “Apple” was ranked up to 14th place from last year’s # 26.

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