Poverty, pollution, and moral challenges for lack = China becomes the world’s great powers of – US Magazine

January 30, 2012, the US magazine Forbes electronic version was published an article “China or Space Runaway of the, or whether meteor of the”.

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In recent years, China’s future has attracted attention.Some people who definitely believes overtake the US, some people think that the collapse in domestic conflict.There also the financial crisis in Europe and the United States is also the opinion that is being eroded the image of the Chinese superpower.

Future, in order to China to continue further growth is not to be solved many of the problems.The poverty in first.According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), 1 capita gross domestic product of China (GDP) It’s low level of world # 94.

Second to the environmental pollution.Third of the industrial waste water is discarded untreated.Western and the live under the air that meet air pollution standards, but only 1% of the 500 million 60 million people urban residents of that.And aging also a serious, that the population in 2020 more than 60 years to reach 17%.

The immature domestic market, further would be moral problem that it was also to be criticized as “dishonest culture”.While foreign companies operating in China that do not be stuck in a variety of disorders, will be overtaken by Chinese companies.The fake eggs, melamine milk powder, unending news of such scandals of charity mechanism.(Translation and editing / KT)