[Hana-ryu “not me Park the Anjasshu!” Chinese playwright and oath

Was broadcast by China Central Television (CCTV) on January 22, Chinese New Year’s Eve program “Spring Festival Lian 歓晩 Meeting”.The interview appeared to China’s popular comedian, in Kakufuyu臨 and Wei 勣安 of control is “It’s a rip-off of” byte of interview “of Japan’s entertainer-Anjasshu!” And pointed out the problem, the playwright Chinese media continues to research.And “not a rip-off!”, And that it has negative squarely.

Although coverage was first attempted to king Uketamawatomo who participated in the screenplay making, that “I so responsible to arrange the screenplay, I want you to listen to the original author,” it is said that there was no harvest.

If you then to hit the authorship of KyoTsutomu 琳氏, “this controller is the original TaHiroshi and I,” said Kang swears.”Toka’s rip-off, it does not want to say to have imitated.For example, even translate the control of Anjasshu in Chinese, would different parts come out a lot.Similar parts reasonable to get to say “somewhat” and.Kakufuyu臨 and control of “Men試” Wei 勣安, the last spring of the finished work.To document remains, since the fix with the help of more than one person, the many fellow that will prove to be the original.This control is, what you got the idea from everyday life.To Dattari youth came to interview the person who is thought to be a thief, for example, super.In fact I to was interviewed manager our super, I think there is a pattern that is common in the world of that control “and emphasized.”Anyway my work original!” It’s so was stressed and.

In this rip-off turmoil, Anjasshu mentioned to be “I want to expand into China this to the opportunity.”.That comment in China of net world has transmitted widely, it’s so has attracted young people’s attention as the “margin some remarks”.(Editors: Noha Takako, yellow 珮君)