Jumbo lottery with time deposits of Suruga 100 million yen winner after another

When you buy a lottery, people to check such as “well hit the sales floor” or “Kujiun is up shrine” would be more.But now, expensive winner after another where unexpected, it has become a hot topic.

Lottery with time deposits’re out expensive winner.Suruga Bank (Head Office, Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture) has allowed to birth and the billionaire has launched a “jumbo lottery with time deposits” in the dream direct branch is the Internet branch, also nine so far.

1-neck one million yen, 3 million yen, ¥ 6,000,000, three years regularly to be able to choose from four types of ¥ 9,000,000.In the case of one million yen, Dream jumbo and the end of the year jumbo is one by each of five, sent a total of 30 copies in three years.300 If a man yen or more if summer jumbo also joined, by 10 sheets each, receive a total of 90 shots at three years.

To certainly higher the term “from the one million yen at least”.But, you say the winning track record and,

2002: Dream Jumbo 1, etc. 200 million yen + before and after each award 50 million yen, the end of the year jumbo 2, etc. 100 million yen.

2003: Dream Jumbo 2, etc. 100 million yen.

2004: Dream Jumbo 2, etc. 100 million yen, Summer Jumbo 2, etc. 100 million yen.

2006: Dream Jumbo 2, etc. 100 million yen, the end of the year jumbo 1, etc. 100 million yen.

2009: the end of the year Jumbo 2, etc. 100 million yen.

2010: Summer Jumbo 2, etc. 100 million yen … and, and he is made to birth the one after another billionaire.And if so, than might want to deposit?

The “lottery to send will not buy at the famous Tokyo west Ginza chance Center in expensive winner after another.In addition, the sale the first day of each jumbo, and Mairi to the winning pray to Mishima Taisha of Mishima, Shizuoka God of Fukutoku is enshrined, we pray to the “as you hit is your lottery ‘”

And, Akiko Ieki of Suruga Bank Sales Planning.Because only declined the number of the lottery that you have purchased, Who says I do not know winner but,

The “in winning has been person of” Thank you, I went to eat at family “also Welcome the person who reported that such” (Ieki-san)

“Jumbo lottery with time deposits” of Suruga a commodity of the Internet branch, so application can be from all over the country.There several financial institutions to deal with also “jumbo with regular” In addition to.Solid and fortune dream of, can you cherry pick the “true reverse” is perhaps the biggest attraction.

※ women Seven February 16, 2012 issue