“Face a had full of Scotch tape” Othello Nakajima Tomoko status quo is not a showbiz return far from the

The rumored Othello of Nakajima continue to rest than in April last year Tomoko is, to retire the nearby entertainment industry.The other day, and but Nakajima it was flow news and develop into litigation you have long-term arrears rent of home and personal office, the problem is in the mental than financially.

“Even as income in holiday is not the way to become a zero in the contract volume system with the agency, the problem is a disease that caused the.Far from work, and because not not send a healthy social life “, says the Performing Arts officials to know the Nakajima.

The first place Nakajima thickening intense from the front rest, remarks in the blog is profusely becomes negative, it was closed in the end that has led to a hole in the work.Leave reason is not revealed, but it is clear that not mentally stable.

Nakajima live ¥ 650,000 rent of that in, in the luxury apartment Fukuyama Masaharu also living, the end of last year, according to a week enough to Harikon’s evening newspaper reporter in another matter that I saw the “Nakajima appearance of it was not even once and because say “, and nice to see that it is in the withdrawal state.

Meanwhile, female psychics of family is parasite to Nakajima home (parasitic) the thing is reported, it has evolved to worry the Nakajima mother until the commotion to consult the police.The same opposite the office Nakajima to arrears of rent, that psychic of families live.

According to the office officials, Nakajima about three years ago, starting this psychic and intimacy to be living in that it has piled up consultation affair with Yosui Inoue.Since then, that contact with others decreased sharply in the private life.

“When contact is no longer taken, I prefer psychic When you go to the home did not let them Toritsui out.So when it became Oshimondo, I saw the figure of Nakajima, who is the face full of Scotch tape in the back of the room.I was touching the face expressionless it with a sticky To tape to hand.Did not you turn around, even calling “(The official)

Currently, Nakajima office official not been trying to contact even stupid family, mind and body of the detailed situation do not know clearly.The official by offloading such as rent that is in arrears and that he “this remains, might be to be dismissed.If that happens it was also suggested ringing would “and retirement crisis not be a work in again showbiz.

The other day, Nakajima and long friendship in a magazine editor that was sent a letter asking the memoir as the “When you feel fine writing in the notebook if there is that I want to say,” but “came back denied to receive”.

“We like Takashi Okamura, who had closed the spiritual anxiety also heard that was acquainted with the psychic, I though something I say if you can advise from him ……” (same editor)

I wonder anymore again is that the former bright talk is heard.
(Statement = Masahisa Suzuki)

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