Miku Natsume and return theory catch at full-NTV new program this year in April

Miku Natsume (27) is “laugh begins with Nippon TV from this spring! I’m buzzing with talk of being appointed to the Chair of Amekan “(Thursday 19:00).
Go boost the program in conjunction with the “comedy duo” Ameagari Kesshitai “.Ironically, after free-turned for Natsume, is likely to have its first Golden program in Sun Tele of a full “(production stakeholders)

This year, it’s the most afraid we were situation for Fuji TV burning to “annual audience rating 3 gold medals” Abduction.It is because one of the strategies that undermine the Variety drama both top form day Tele was “Women’s Ana”.
Now that “Natsume and Yukari Nishio has left the station, NTV girls Ana layer is thin.Noticeable women Ana enough Hayama Helene.One of Fuji Women’s Ana kingdom.It was formulating the organization plan to push the girls Ana on the whole surface.Come and by casting the Natsume there … “(Fuji organization officials)

Fuji officials is not impossible even to speechless.Speaking of Natsume, and because boast the popularity of top class among the free announcer.
“” Matsuko & Ariyoshi of anger new party of late-night program When I just became a free “The Assistant (TV Asahi) only.However, this program I recorded the audience of 6% level despite the midnight.Last year was promoted to the 23 o’clock in October, the program average audience rating of 8% ahead.When to say I beating out two-digit.Recently also focused on her popular TBS, had issued a starring request “(key stations organized Man)

TV world such a summer eyes is he is referred to as the “uncrowned queen”.
The “meaning that the break even 10 or more regular program if not a dream.Although regular program what little, is one of the few genuine free Ana has a viewing rate “(broadcast writer)

However, the tricky is it casting of Natsume.It’s a mean feat just take her and appointment that does not belong to the entertainment professional.In that secret a privileged environment.
“Internet companies that father was founded” e-Guardian “is two years ago listed, stock prices soared.Natsume holds 24,000 shares, assets are at least 100 million yen or more.There is no need to work in a hurry, I do not receive only favorite work “(insider)

This time, the reason that Natsume has received an offer of NTV also really seems she.
And dried the work in “Example condom photo scandal, former director and director of the announcement section was induced to leave the company had been relegated along with the death of Ujiie chairman.This time, the maker of the new program that was offered to Natsume Natsume and was good synchronization of relationship.What you do not there NTV and synchronization uranium grudge against boss.NTV is so also are offered also specials moderator of the New Year’s holiday Natsume early “(same)

Women’s Ana community also an inch ahead is darkness.