Shooting at Darvish “Miho Koga VS Asuka Kirara” (1) every night, and disappeared in the same room

 Darvish became the single and sunny is, to finally rampage in the arena of major.That said, “competition” in the Japanese number one pitcher, not ended with Rangers containing.Mote man that courtship is not turned away, I wonder can such be limiting of the partners to one.
January 24, and attracted many of Nippon Ham fan in Sapporo Dome, opened the unusual Taidan conference, Yu Darvish (25), opened an anti-mouth.

“Once upon a time I do not want to go to the” major.That feeling that if you quit the baseball “also has been said about going has not changed much even now.”

 The major, it’s Monoi like at all or are not interested, but until it gets this day, no doubt it is was a ready.

Exactly January 19 you decide to contract with the Texas Rangers, hit lasted divorce to end well for a long time, from the fact that agreed to divorce with Saeko (25) also could see was for a new battle determination Yo.

Says acquaintance of Saeko.

“She well, had said she become a quarrel by parenting.Fight is to say Saeko is Ba~tsu, with the feeling that Dar is listening endlessly it, I was laughing to me “Do not apologize absolutely from his”.And to “the compatibility of the night of married life pat” told me, and I guess was where collapse ”

The divorce a problem that had been showing signs of mud swamp Yara when did, but the last to Ai celebrate both prospects, it seems is if they were amicably resolved.

Sports newspaper of entertainment desk to commentary.

The “without alimony, but has been said to be monthly child support was calm in the fact that two million yen weak, unceasing rumors and have been made distribution of property not in the name of alimony.In the future, promise not to reveal the negative information about Dal, Maybe you issued the amount of billion units, Maybe you change the Tokyo apartment of name to Saeko, it has been plausibly said ”

Bid gold, including, in only just when signed a huge contract that total about 8.2 billion yen, these story is probably ends up being circulated.However, there are grounds for the background information of it was adverse conditions in Darusaido flows.

It’s because I have raised many women scandal in Dar It was still married.

About 1 year ago and made last year in January, Dal in Miyazaki there is Saeko of home also fearless, at that time was carried out a joint Jishutore and Miho Koga was a professional golfer (29).

Although the Jishutore itself was with multiple entourage who, every night is dull and Koga, he manner in which disappear two people alone with the one room had been reports photo magazine “Friday”.

“Although the two sides since then has been denied the men and women of the relationship, even in this year in January that one year has elapsed since then, the sight of two people to Mutsumajiku Naka in Jishutore was reported.Masahiro Tanaka et al., Said that was Moi junior players of Dar, the already last year Koga that retired golfer was the unnatural itself that accompany the training “(supra-sports newspaper entertainment desk)

That even, “Women Seven” February 9 issue is, Dal who finished dating many as gauze Eiko and 5 hours of middle divorce consultation last June, had a whopping visited the home apartment Koga on its feet , and he reported the scoop site.

The Ya forego Saeko, picked up a taxi immediately Dal is orthogonal to the apartment of Koga.Still, whether on alert around the eye, for example, disappear in from Mimawa~tsu around the apartment, and told the vivid details.

But was suspected significantly the affair, if at that time, it can be said with the divorce of Dal is fully equipped situation that can be openly dating declaration as long as it is a now established.

Such folding, the term baseball officials, on the assumption that Koga is serious about dating and Dar, than is leaked these words.

“If may that there is Koga’s with that child, and ‥‥ I would be dangerous.”