Cambodia Olympics committee waited to Olympic election of Hiroshi cat!

The ze no curving, Cambodia Olympics Committee! Representative election of London Olympics is talent and cats that would have become influential Hiroshi (34 = real name Takizaki Kuniaki), he Commission is multiplied by Matta.

Cat over the Olympic team right acquisition, February 5, participate in daily Oita Beppu Marathon, which was held under Oita Prefecture.While # 50, I recorded a good time of 2 hours 30 minutes 26 seconds to update the 2 hours 37 minutes 43 seconds personal best 7 minutes or more.

Tournament before, the Committee has been the reference of the job offer a record of more than last season best time 2 hours 31 minutes 58 seconds of the ’08 Beijing Olympics representative of Hem Bunting (26), the cat that was beyond its time for more than one minute shoo I seemed to.However, the Committee palm-back and even while “The updated personal best is good news but” and, “the Olympic team is expecting a record of about 2 hours and 25 minutes”.

If in order to participate in the Olympics it is necessary to clear the Olympics participation standard recording B (Marathon 2 hours 18 minutes 0 seconds), that any event of land in one of the countries and regions did not break the standard recording, men and women there is a special case that can be played in any of the events one by one.Cat eyeing this case, has been aimed at Olympics by changing to nationality.

Buntin of another one of the candidates Beijing Olympics representative.Last season the best is but 2 hours 31 minutes 58 seconds, there is a track record of creating a national record of 2 hours 25 minutes and 20 seconds in Laos in December 09.The Secretary-General for the two recorded as “no big difference” Comments.Buntin is currently practice in Kenya.Not plan to leave the race, waiting state.

Buntin ended in 76 people in 73 place in the marathon of the Beijing Olympics, but I also served as the standard-bearer of Cambodia athletes at the opening ceremony.Again, also glimpses intention of the committee that you want feed their own people than cat of Japanese to Olympics.According to the officials, it’s pattern that same committee in mid-March to early from late this month to determine the representative.Really, is overturned the inferior, how come true dream of cat of Olympics?
(Ichiro Ochiai)