Deep idle actress active rumors? or retirement?

Once world by storm was idle and actress, whether current is also active, or do would not that you do not sleep to become to do … care had retired.

That is why, to introduce such a rumor.Below, is a person who limited only break.

First, the revival of finishing parenting, resurrected in the photograph collection of Kishin Shinoyama shooting, what in activities as actress, Mai Kitajima.Also another one, of the original and girls Corps Reiko Yasuhara, after raising children, but playing an active part as an active actress.On the other hand, St. Kojima before marriage, resurrected in Sex in film of nude photo book and movie “perfect breeding”, it seems to have then married.

Retirement? To, there are the following idle and actresses to modest is to have a.

First, (although there is a dozen years ago talking about …) campaign girl the was doing of Shincho Bunko, who have been long-awaited revival of idle of G · R is, than large?

“Leave her, through a divorce and marriage, but was revived and coming out with amazing topic of” systemic shaping “in early 2010, also blog update was stopped at the same end of the year.Greetings in the activities limited time, and than became a form of the?”(Entertainment writer)

It seems that liposuction other … but, there was impact as topic of souvenir of return.

In the same era, and that took the world as an absolute idol, A · Y.Looks is Do not he sell if Zunuke, and It was idle that was me feel ….There then, also time you’ve been to themselves willingly Class B idle.

“She is a failure of the ploy of office, has been to have missed the singer debut as a K family.The story is gone, assembled a band, it is like in singer activities so to speak become a freelance singer “(same)
The other,

“Even play a break in the drama, was renowned in the continuous scandal of super heavyweights such as the World of I, H · R.She, after nude photo book published, but now the topic by married sushi chef in the United States, speed divorce.Currently has remarried, it seems to be a retired state “(same)

Finally, the gravure idol was popular from the women M · J.
“In love scandal with actor, was actually Hosah, has been co-eyes” that (entertainment reporter).And she’s that was active until 2007, but announced you are in New Caledonia is currently married, and in his blog.

Former beauty of world is, greet a TV reporter in a big smile Become a tropical ….It’s a kind man for the “unfortunate pattern” But, do not the equivalent cute if M · J.