The Tohoho reason Ryutaro Kamioka name has surfaced in Palm came was Ie-jin successor candidate

“Kansai viewership man” palm came was Ie-jin is announced that it is the initial of esophageal cancer, entered indefinitely rest.Meanwhile, broadcasting stations with a regular program hectic to understudy select.

“Anyway sudden too.Is it cancer is found is not a likely thing at the end of last year! To at least television station until mid-January it will be muscle want to leave tell confidential.This turned out to close companionship with gangsters, and’m with retired Shinsuke Shimada’s the entertainment industry “(The employees of Zyban key station)

Among such Qin Ie-jin successor candidate has been established as actively in sports newspapers and weekly magazines.Former Yomiuri TV commentator Makoto Kitano Popular free caster of Jirô Shimbô Mr. and Kansai region in, “Kansai Monta Mino” the Son and Seiji Miyane, and Ryutaro Kamioka, who blitz retired the entertainment industry for some reason in 2000 … ….It’s not very think Kamioka, who has the time to quit the policy is coming back to the table stage so easily, but indescribably Tohoho a sequel had been hidden in this rumor.

Certain weekly magazine reporter reveals the truth.

“Actually, if you have stretched the home apartment’s poet was in Osaka city, there’s Kamioka and looked like men appeared in the rough-looking, and I went to enter into.And came out from the apartment after several hours.To Ie-jin’s was had respected the Kamioka’s from a previous, friendship also deep.The reporter who witnessed the whole story than stood up to pinch “master of disciples?And I was “and excited about”

You say this story has led to immediately racing around in the industry “Kamioka return theory”, but emergency has occurred here.

After examining “well well, men who visited I was was a different person that very similar to Kamioka Mr..Selling two from age type, until hairstyle.All things …… in a place like this.That it is not even to mention the media all that had to have been discouraged place “(same)

Again, Kamioka Mr. field return’m 100% is unlikely.

※ The image “Takajin no Boo ~DVD-BOX THE Ga~o! LEGEND II” (Toho)

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