20 pairs evacuation call on the net from Tokyo a anxiety radioactivity to Kagawa

Been forced to evacuate in the Northeast each prefecture, victims hurts the year, such as temporary housing and relatives home about 30 million people.In addition, in response to the nuclear accident, not a few people who voluntary evacuation brought children into regions such as Kansai and Okinawa from Kanto.Suffering of these mothers, has continued even now.Noriyuki Mr. Shimizu freelance writer has followed the now “primary refugees mom” who.

* * * Murakoshi Atsuko (30 years), it becomes anxiety while you listen to the story of exposure from mom friend, had to leave the Tokyo with her elementary school sophomore daughter in June.The transit trains and high-speed bus, it arrived was the Kagawa Prefecture Takamatsu.

“I want to say that the” run away “in Tokyo of relatives and friends, but not escape if there is no shelter.So, so that it can be said that “Come out”, borrowed a large house old.The call on the net, you have visited evacuation mother-to-child of about 20 pairs ever ”

Mr. Murakoshi is a single mother, and served as full-time in the IT company, has been brought up the children.In timing that issued the letter of resignation to the earthquake just before from various circumstances, it was hit by a nuclear accident.Murakoshi’s talk.

“Money and the other broke.Though I, and I think when you regret a lifetime Once children become cancer, it was decided to preparedness ”

That is around it has been out talking to a shelter about two years, I’m not going to go back for a while.

The mom who select the voluntary evacuation there is a strong feeling that “only yourself to protect the children.”.Fukushima aside, but are also those who ridicule the people “radiation brain” that West and radiation levels are escaping from almost the same area, if think the mother of feelings, is not supposed to be such as to laugh.

They are the definitely victim.It is It’s of course is a victim of TEPCO, but the government has neglected the risk communication to the public and, even in excess of the victims of those who stir up the “fear of radioactivity” for ideology and business.

also of nuclear test hundreds of times all over the world have been performed in the 1960s by the author was born.According to a survey of Foundation and Japan Chemical Analysis Center, contains a radioactive substance of 110 becquerels per 1kg on average in the 60s of powdered milk, vegetables and fish and meat was contaminated.However, it is not the fact that cancer in the same generation and wait more than 40 years has been an increase in.

One in two Japanese to develop cancer, it’s reality is death in one cancer in three.Even as a child was temporarily turned into cancer in several decades earlier, I would like to add that her mother is no reason to blame yourself.

※ SAPIO2012 year February 1 – 8 issue