Visiting hours of the Yu Darvish children from going to America just before 90 minutes

Saeko (25 years old) of was stopped in Tokyo luxury apartment one-box car of one before live with son duo, of February early one day, things 18:00 too.And was coming down from the car, was ex-husband, Yu Darvish of mask figure (25 years old) in the upper and lower black training wear.

Divorce problem also settled, in preparation for the camp-ins in the United States, to Hawaii entering for Jishutore in early February Dar.Saeko home visit of the day, he moved just before, would place such as the end of the reunion with children.

Soredakeni, and although it seemed that it might be spend slowly in four family, the Dal came out an apartment, it after only 90 minutes from down the car.

Speaking of 3-year-old and 1 year old, it’s cute Mori.Camp begins in the United States in the 23rd, Major League Baseball is opening in March.If not come children to play in the United States, but he will not meet at least the end of the season up to 8 months or more ….Dar after leaving the apartment, and stop by the super, went back to the home apartment.

Are you over Takeshi attack on the Dal is, the original professional golfer Miho Koga (29 years old).As reported in women Seven February 9 issue, Koga over to the United States along with the dull, and that earns the consternation plan to live together.

Also in “early February Hawaii, Dar is scheduled to perform Jishutore jointly with little sister of professional golfers from the Koga, of course, we are seen as also to join Koga.Or might directly result in the United States … that together “(sports newspaper reporter)

※ women Seven February 23, 2012 issue