Bank branch length is 5 billion yen abscond, arrested in a latent destination – China

Branch manager of the bank in the Shandong Province, discovered that had been away with about 5 billion yen worth such as had bills of exchange in the safe, was arrested in a latent destination of Zhejiang 7 days.Xinmin network told.

Arrested Liu 維寧 suspects branch manager of the bank in the Shandong Yantai.When the bank the other day was conducted workplace exchange between branches by supervisory management, the whereabouts of Liu suspect no longer know.Was examined the books of branches, the actual situation and you are was for police dispatch to the different, Liu from investigation results last year April through January this year suspects bill of exchange, such as a total of 400 million 36 million yuan from the safe (about 5.3 billion was growing suspicion that you were away with circle).

National Public Security Bureau Class A Liu suspect is specified in the (primary) wanted criminals, the city Public Security Bureau is Upon investigation, Liu suspects have found that the latent fled to Zhejiang from the city at the end of January.Zhejiang police authorities immediately laid investigation posture, discovered a suspicious man in the ministry Jinhua City at around 1:00 local time of 7 pm.Result of interrogation, turned out to be a Liu suspects were arrested.

During the arrest, that Liu suspect was in possession of cash 290,000 yuan (about 3.5 million yen).(Editors: Toshiyuki Yanagawa)