The underwear analysis to “DNA test cheating”, and determine the DNA attachment existence other than himself.

Once if accidentally born suspicion of cheating partners, anyone but would place you want to clear black and white, it is quite difficult to obtain a conviction unless come out compelling evidence.For such beleaguered people, Institute of the United States is offering a service that is “cheating DNA test”.This is, if bring in an opponent clothing and underwear to be worried about, something that me doing the adhesion to have DNA testing of body fluids and tissues.

Institute According to Ha fin t post and official site of the US news site, are you offering this service, called “The Paternity Lab” you are going to specialize in DNA testing.Originally but Institute which has been conducting DNA testing required when such kin confirmation of legal problems and parent-child-brother, by using the technology, a person suffering from suspicion of cheating and also provides services that target that are.But it is “Infidelity DNA Testing (DNA test cheating)”.

People who want to use this service, first, provide a partner of clothing and underwear.Then, when pay $ 200 inspection fee (about 10 000 5,000 yen), Institute analyzes the fluid attached to the garment, whether DNA other than the person is detected, in other words its partners in contact with other people Can you investigated whether aimed.Then, when pay the additional charge $ 215 (about 17,000 yen), discovered the DNA in detail or not the things of the requester analysis.As a result, the partner is whether you have a suspicious contact with a particular lover (= requester) other than the “someone”, it’s so would almost know.

Institute, even in people who had been Moyamoya to cheating allegations, “It if you take this test can present evidence and” I’m not the DNA is found “” confident.By the way, currently is 60% of the people who sign up for the test in men, that fact of cheating on about 30% of the total examination is found.”Relatively cheap”, and is crucial this affair test that evidence would be found than to try to ascertain in such behavior research.To only the longer also world these tests, people there are important partners so that it is not also a dignified as was suspected by any chance, something that I want to Toritsuzuke the action that is trusted on a daily basis.