Mizushima showbiz return Hiro is “buddy”!? Yutaka Mizutani and Avex strong backup

By Yutaka Mizutani (59) popular police drama series “buddy Season 10” starring final episode of March broadcast schedule of (TV Asahi), Mitsuhiro Oikawa play a lieutenant Kobe Mikoto (42) that graduated from the same series But it has been announced.

“Buddy” of Cave Sugishita Ukyo successive plays Mizutani, Yasufumi founder is Terawaki (49), Oikawa has been struggling in the pressure of the popular series unique as the second generation buddy.In “Season 9”, the 16th episode of the last year in February reaches the series highest viewing rate 23.7%, average audience rating of all 18 episodes also a record high of 20.3%.In particular, is said to have Oikawa to the acquisition of the police drama with Endoka~tsu was female fans have contributed, more elevated achievement popularity of the series has also been recognized in the industry.

However, in Oikawa married to Rei Dan of the original Takarajen’nu (40) last July, is immediately affair allegations surfaced.It was scandal of new series immediately before the start, it is said that Mizutani to this is premature knocked Oikawa is by was furious.

“Mizutani is that you have to worry about the reputation of drama, of course, would did not permitting Oikawa of action as devoted husband of the entertainment world stamps.”Buddy” because is planning that can not be present in the Mizutani opener, in Heishinteito even producer, “king” the first time in the famous in his field.Story that knocked Oikawa is premature in that it has hated him also, in the field has become a well-known fact “(TV officials)

Third generation buddy that has been revealed is a male, but Hiro Mizushima was what retired entertainment industry (27) consternation information and has been appointed to the buddy has emerged.Speaking of Mizushima, is currently undergoing an independent uproar along with Ayaka wife (24) to two years ago retired from the limelight of the entertainment world.Through the writer debut, relying on Avex, which also backup of Ayaka, you have orchestrated the entertainment industry return.

As a candidate of the “third generation buddy, Oguri Shun, Mukai Osamu, had been up the name of the Mizushima Hiro, by Mizutani of recommendation and strong backup of Avex, seems Mizushima has been appointed.However, there is also that you have to imitate, such as multiplying the sand in the hind legs in a previous office Kenoto, when the return has been out proposal is that to change the stage name “(TV officials)

If familiar with the quasi-protagonist of the popular series, as the return operation of Mizushima, it can be said no more stage.Setting of “buddy” of the first 20s also, going to be blowing a new wind is not series products salmon rut.The question is whether the return of Mizushima broke the tradition of the entertainment world is accepted, but its success or failure is likely to say that depends on the support of Avex and Mizutani.
(Statement = Sato Isamuuma / Yellow Tear Drops)

(※ Image: Left “,” buddy “10th Anniversary Memorial BOOK”, than right “SWITCH Vol.29 No.1”)

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