“Opening pitcher also …… to blank?”Dar & Kuriyama coach of candid advice” handkerchief “Yuki Saito is too sweet!?

“Even listening to the words of Dar, I because how you do not feel that the thing of their own”

It’s Nippon Ham charge of reporter amazed to “handkerchief prince” Yuki Saito face of sports newspaper.

Late January, Yu Darvish Transfers reason told at a press conference of major-bound but was frustrated for domestic air, such as “lukewarm”, conference outside the hate is sweet man in his own even though it is also “ability.Had spits as “frustrating to have a look.

Voice of “GaYu chan dont must feel most it” leaks from reporters in the words.After all question Saito, because not yet destroy the carefree attitude own pace.

Amid the weakening is pitching staff in Dar Transfers, as he rouse the Saito that ended in last season six wins and 6 losses are required, but you do not want to “hurt even heard the goal to reporters and a low hurdle” more than last year. ” do I and we want to “have, as usual tone to.Is this was not one of the things that “Look frustrating though” is for Dal.

“In the last year of Nago camp, Dal that early what had been advised to Saito, the late” feeling lukewarm.Out before awareness is not enough “and mouth also had become ineffective” with reporters.In fact, Darvish is asked the junior players you’d expect in a ham the day after that I was missing, has been named Sho Nakata rather than Saito.

It is not only dull send stern look.And he that According to the same reporter, “Hideki Kuriyama coach is sending Geki that was hidden in order to alarmed”.

Although Saito is reportedly appointed to this season’s opening pitcher (March 30, Sapporo Dome), Kuriyama director in “opening pitcher on the one hand, rather than just win, mainstay of the team, the role of spiritual pillar and imposed a high hurdle to be there. “.

“The first place in question the director was leaked Yu-chan opening plan, it is not accompanied without singled out the harsh words in order to realize the person.Should you have received it and are saying to yourself if it is not also a exceptionally insensitive “(same)

In addition, Saito is noticeable also point you raise is to practice early to be worrying about the injuries, but Kuriyama director there are players that have to worry about the “injury, I players also have to need to do even to bear the risk.Important it is to train the lower body.Who is not, but “say, you are doing this also, such as for the Saito without an name remark.

“If as awareness in this is not seen, I will also be in blank opening pitcher plan to Mihanashi also expected of supervision” (same)

However, question Saito, the question of whether to consider the post-Darvish and in Taningoto “it is not”, the other day is also told that it had been traveling in the Maya and the whole family Kobayashi of free announcer settlement.

Although from entertainment reporter has been targeted to marry scoop followed by Masahiro Tanaka, it is unlikely in a situation such as Yorokoberu to Very floating story.
(Statement = Masahisa Suzuki)

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