Undergo threatened to “expose the naked photos” famous idol members, to ex-girlfriend

Criminal part of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office (Baek Banjun Director prosecutor) is a suspicion that threatened to expose the upper body naked photos of A’s famous male idol group members in the 9th, summary prosecute former lover Mr. B of A Mr. was.

According to the prosecution, and Mr. A to B Mr. October is the upper body to flow out the photos of naked outside, and threatened the A’s affiliation office, suspected that requested the one billion won (about 69.5 million yen) had been.

Mr. B is a few years ago, at that time had been going out with Mr. A, he takes a bare his upper body on a mobile phone, and am keeping the transferred photos, it was found that threatened it to shield.

The late Mr. A of the agency last year, sued Mr. B to the prosecution, prosecutors seized the photos from Mr. B.