Excite: third-quarter net profit 17.5 times now, to greatly profit fan site management paid matchmaking site and popular group

[February 10, Sakura Financial News = Tokyo] Excite (JQ: 3754) is consolidated financial results for the third quarter in March 2012 period, which was announced on 10 days, 200 million 28 million of 17.5 times net profit year-on-year was circle.Broadband business, but became a decrease in the impact of advanced shift of product mix, with respect to advertising and billing business, paid services such as matchmaking sites and telephone fortune-telling has increased sales.In addition, revenues from official fan site management of the popular idol group “AKB48” also contributed to revenue growth, it became a significant increase in profit.

Sales 7.4 billion 85 million yen year-on-year decrease slightly, operating income same 3.2 times the 100 million 87 million yen, ordinary income was 200 million 17 million yen of the same 3.4-fold.

It should be noted, does not change in consolidated earnings forecast.[Ryo]