Rage a man with a knife, “Who are you! Is ate the chicken of my”

Ripped off of resentment from the old days is called a horrible, but the incident a man with a knife in the United States, San Francisco Tatekomoru in the room has occurred.

That’s why, but it is to say that it “had eaten dinner of chicken to someone”.

& Nbsp; According to the police of information, the man abruptly and furious to have eaten the chicken was supposed myself to eat, things and barricaded in his apartment.

There is a report with a man of about 50-year-old has become aggressive, it seems to have been walking around with a knife in both hands around it and the building try rushed.Then, when Tatekomoru home apartment, and began threatening to the self-injurious behavior.

Then, police were judged not to be able to take out the man outside, it is called a professional team, now be persuaded over time.

Result, but the man a few hours later came out quietly, in a hospital or does not have the problem you have received inspection.

What other food did not, chicken to anyone whether eaten eventually, but I just also remain many questions, but fortunately injured seems he did not have to leave.

Man armed with knives barricaded himself in apartment after somebody ate his chicken

I see all the [man rage with a knife “Who! Is was eating my chicken”]