Akanishi always hat and sunglasses “longing for Janney’s”

Kuroki Meisa (23) and Jin Akanishi has revealed that had been married to February 2 (27).the album with the title of the coined word itself was devised “JAPONICANA” The US release.Same album # 1 was recorded fished was single song “TEST DRIVE featur-ing JASON DERULO” also in the US iTunes dance chart in November last year, in the US to launch March 6, in Japan on March 7.

The KAT-TUN was formed when the 16-year-old Jin Akanishi.Such as when at the time coverage, and the “My have us go try! (Let Owaraseyo early)” was favorite phrase.Challenged such he is, towards the world.This time, in the interview in Japan to be a long time, it had changed to adult man was imposing.

Akanishi, from time was a member of KAT-TUN, it first without the delay in coverage time, also be coming to a couple of hours early site.Instead, “the other, Are you sure you want at the end comment?”Work and I go round up a quick.But, this day those words at all without, obediently represents eh was joy across the United States first place, it was me facing from the front to the coverage of about 1 hour.

he “speak for the weak” had always said and.Also in question, as it is had enough to feel that it is hitting the back-channel feedback, speak in their own character.When asked why the always have a hat and sunglasses and I’ve been longing to “Janney’s.Photos listed in the Guinness Book of Records, probably was the sunglasses in hat?”And you can answer slyly,” a guarantee me this job? Do not place it well Nante please (laughter) “bought Once seemed do not CD ….

When seeking comment on fan you are cheering with the feeling of how the “long distance relationship” to work abroad, “I mean, to Ne Ja such do!” “But, important partners and after it shot good purposely curtly.Also Tsundere of one side to speak with great think important existence “.

※ women Seven February 23, 2012 issue