Sugai circle [Entertainment vitamin ♪] won the Lausanne addition.It is not sorry for “Yuriko Yoshitaka’s.Cute reason to apologize and “.

And won the gateway to success for young ballet dancer “Lausanne International Ballet Competition”, Sugai circle addition (17).Currently attended in Machida, Tokyo high school, you are working hard in lessons in Kanagawa Prefecture Yamato City ballet classroom.

Sugai’s at Narita Airport who returned from Switzerland, jeans coat of beige with a red scarf.Can not imagine passionate performance that showed in the contemporary dance department of the tournament, real face is the usual cute schoolgirl.

Of February 11 broadcast visited the “information 7days newscaster” (TBS system) ballet classroom Sugai, who returned attend in, was interviewed as her lessons landscape of everyday.

And me is similar to the “Yuriko Yoshitaka’s, it is often said.It is not sorry.”A honeycomb she.During the interview, I felt to resemble even playful facial expressions to show occasionally Yoshitaka.

This day was always direct from the street school to ballet classroom, it was warm the body to perform the stretch by first over one and a half hours.Practice until every day too 23:00, and therefore Sugai’s now sleeping time I hear it 2-4 hours.During class of school seems to struggle against sleepiness.

Please teacher that her has been teaching for 10 years to see the “her legs, probably strength likely?I called it “.Certainly Sugai Mr. of image that we have from the past, not the type of ballerina “thin a delicate”.Teacher to talk as a point you are her excellent not shake the core have firmly is the core of the “body.”, Flight duration of time that flew the” jump long.”This is a stack of basic training, was obtained from the strength of her entire body muscle – is that.

Rather than study abroad, Sugai, who have been over the lessons in the town of ballet classroom while feeding the high school life in Japan.In the ballet classroom even now, I’m in charge of cleaning toilets in Tobansei.Finally she “dream to become a professional, you want to success in the world Ballet.”And I told.Would certainly be the day is near.We also fun.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Ya)