Much of [Ita too celebrities, extra edition] shock? Late Whitney Houston only daughter, and emergency transport to the hospital.

And the 11th Whitney Houston died suddenly in (He was 48), the only daughter of the ex-husband Bobby Brown (43), bobbin, Christina Brown (18), but has been emergency transport to the hospital, the same day afternoon not Betsujo to life I was safely discharged.

The beloved mother Whitney suddenly died the 11th, and had to stay in the same Beverly Hilton Hotel bobbin.After a few hours, but she’s that rushed to Whitney room on the fourth floor to hear the news of mother sudden death, according to entertainment site “TMZ”, but so was forbidden to enter the room to the time police.

So bobbin is shouting to police and angry, with or cussing, but so was asked to let me meet the desperate mother, but their wishes come true without.Police “by members and friends of other family members, the confirmation of the body lives anymore, nobody put in the room” of My persistence, I.Otherwise is Dionne Warwick (71) was also turned away a cousin of Whitney rushed for the same reason.

At that time in the wonder was too shock, bobbin and that night of the 11th had received treatment to go to their own hospital.At that time, she “in hysteria state, if you are fatigued in to the limit of, had been heartbroken” I hear.But the morning of the only a few hours after the 12th, it was from the same hotel this time that the mother’s body was discovered, has become the be emergency transport in the vicinity of the Cedars-Sinai hospital by ambulance put on stretcher.

Is not supposed to be whether more was why transported obviously, bobbin although have complained of “anxiety”, consciousness is firmly, does not seem to Betsujo to life.Temper is well known for intense, and but bobbin that in the past there also was indebted of police, too much to receive a shock to the mother of death that has been loved enough to “idle vision”, care must state in the hospital It seems to have gone sick to.In another of information by magazine “Star”, she to you was trying to Magirawaso the sorrow in alcohol, for Whitney management team gave a sedative, and is also referred to as a bobbin is had fallen due to its powerful mix.Afternoon in the most up-to-date information, safely bobbin is is that with was discharged.

In her father, Bobby Brown ex-husband of Whitney also, if you have to reveal the sadness in sudden death of his ex-wife, shock death of Whitney gave to family and friends and colleagues there are things you immeasurable.
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