Studio stunned actress Nagiko Tôno to “32-year-old sex” large public “love man”, “7 crotch dating”

Nagiko’s Tono actress, known for heroine of NHK Asadora “Lily of the Valley” (32) appeared on television programs, were barrage, etc. and consternation talk “love man” and “7 sometimes were co-dating”.The passion and gracious remarks against men, words that “I is cool” was leaked from Narimiya Hiroki’s actor who had attended the program (29).

Mr. Tono was married to May 09, but I was speed divorce in 72 days.Divorce after it is appeared in variety shows and has been stark confess men itinerant.And that because the cause of this speed divorce also wanted to play with a lot of men.

2 of whom have a 5 crotch is currently Japan TV system of the is “substitute” Tono-san was starring February 12 12 broadcasting “law counseling centers that can matrix”.Broadcasting of theme of the day was “truth of marriage and divorce of topic”.The Tono’s but that company employee men and speed divorce of two years younger in 72 days, but the episode that was new men and dating to the next day that issued the divorce was introduced.It is the first place I think that it is not facing do not interested in marriage.Have been by chance been overpowered in male marriage, also at the same time divorce papers and write a marriage and he had been allowed to write to the original husband called.

Divorce reason and say, that other men had carried away from his soon to be married.Tono’s in program

“I love my man.It was said that “want to play with an unspecified number of men.At the highest 7 crotch dating of the past, and that currently have a 5 crotch.Favorite of the five men in three, two rest “Substitute”.For example, if your favorite is busy to say put a voice to “substitute”.I hear that this is’s a “habit” that has continued from teens.

On the other hand, even if over 7 crotch and 5 crotch referred to as “do not have dating”.That it dating per men but because they decided to up to three times.And say why in “because it more getting tired”, it’s said that to cherish the up to three times to pounding.A large number of the hang in the crotch men at the same time, always because men have been swapped, but so because there is a possibility that it is impossible to date If you do not have to keep a certain number.

How to get the men, to men who aimed to pass your email address to subscribe and “Please now dating”.To Miyasako Hiroyuki’s show host, whether never refused dating from men, and when asked

had been returned in a little to stuffy look to be the “‘m there ‘s no hate (sometimes referred to as)”.

What whether I do not know studio groans in this series of remarks a thing called love, while you have this turned the whole living room to the enemy in the remark, and insist performers, such as Narumiya Mr.

“I though I thought for a moment Well, I hope brackets.Impressions sends a favorable impression is can have “such as the tribute was divided in half.

Tono san have also appeared in the “goodbye” Fuji TV system of January 19, 12 broadcasting, has revealed that it is a dating mania.Or “not love on a date up to three times, remarks per man?When questioned as “, but there is that you fall in love, do not know what say is what the points are of that love, and was answered with such.

The Talk about the contents of the Tono’s this time to blog of net

The Ya things like “this way of life would be amazed if that Don argument”

“Rare actress also to speak in straight about propensity to here.”
Have come up with impressions such as “it came to be called to the variety becomes a divorce story entertainer was nice to take the person”.