Government is unprecedented treatment to foreign professionals, also 12 million yen one o’clock subsidy – Beijing

February 12, 2012, according to the announcement of Beijing manpower Social Security Bureau, Beijing began to apply for fiscal 2012 “outside dedicated thousand people who plan” on the same day.Although it is a project to invite talented foreign personnel who are active in various fields in China, its unprecedented treatment has become a hot topic.Coverage of date 13 of the Beijing 晨報.

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“Outside dedicated thousand people who plan” is the industrial sector that is the key to economic and social development of China, a project to raise the level by securing excellent foreign human resources.Plans to accept the 500 to 1000 people in 10 years.Targets in the doctoral degree holders following 65 years in the non-Chinese, researchers, professional technical jobs or business management at prominent international companies and financial institutions that have experienced professor classes in higher education institutions overseas prestigious universities job of experience, such as the person who holds a patent or core technology.To work in at least more than three years China’s conditions be working in Beijing more than a year 9 months.

Foreign experts certified in this project is subject to unprecedented treatment in welfare surface, such as a tax, payroll and medical from Eligibility.In addition, also be paid one o’clock subsidies per capita 1 million yuan (about 12.3 million yen).In particular, because the science and technology towards human resources say 300-5000000 yuan is outfitted, be seen whether the government is aware of the need of how much human resources.(Translation and editing / love ball)