The reason for removal of the iPad spate in China

Apple’s uses the trade name “iPad” in China, the infringement’s ── so appeal of Chinese companies and Apple conflict of trademark rights is trying to spread to China through the trial.

First, let us hold the flow of ever in the article of the web site “Apple Insider”.

 Apple had acquired the trademark rights of the “iPad” is 2006.(Based in the UK) via the IP application Development Company, was handed the trademark rights in the $ 55,000 from the Taiwanese display manufacturers Tadakanmuri Technology (Purovu~yu Electronics).But Tadakanmuri key is, in this transaction claims to have not been included in iPad trademark rights in mainland China.Trademark rights of mainland China, has been held by China subsidiary of Tadakanmuri international Holding you headquartered in Hong Kong (pro view International Holdings) that.

The subsidiary, based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province last year, sued Apple in China of court as was infringing trademark rights.Apple also has been reverse sued and lost the case, it is appealed.

If Rarere admitted infringement of Apple again in the future of the trial, there you can no longer be able to sell the iPad in mainland China, also likely to be imposed a high fine.While tension increases, the situation has entered into a new dimension.

Provincial capital of Hebei Province, the iPad has been removed from the electronics store of some of Shijiazhuang City, he was reported in succession China media.”Some fear that it is seized goods to local authorities retailers, have to move the iPad to the warehouse,” said China Daily News was reported.”February 9, inspector of Shijiazhuang Xinhua Ward embarked on sale stop of iPad, 45 units of iPad in two days has been confiscated by the authorities.”

■ still share price of Apple during the rise

movement of iPad foreclosure but is spreading in various parts of China, still share price of Apple has continued to rise.In response to the is followed by expectations for iPad3 seen to be announced next month, 148Apps of the company’s stock price is $ 500 for the first time in the 13th.

Apple’s have it with the intention continue to use the name of the iPad in new products, it is needless to say.

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