Toyota’s new concept car is the next generation “Vitz hybrid”! ?

At the Geneva Motor Show to be held in Switzerland in March, is trying to introduce because Toyota was obtained teaser sketch of the first publishing concept car “FT-Bh”.
FT-Bh, the city car equipped with a hybrid system.According to Toyota, there is no commercial plan for now, and that future is aiming to launch in Europe as town riding compact car of low fuel consumption.Moreover, expensive material is not used, it is possible to produce by utilizing existing technology, and it can be a desire to low-cost model.

And, commercial bar tion, the low price of small hybrid that employs the existing platform and technology of Toyota “Yaris (Japanese name Vitz) hybrid” which is also appearing in this motor show.Success maximum output of about 100ps 1.5 liter gasoline engine combined with an electric motor, already 20% lighter compared to the Toyota “Auris hybrid”, which is introduced into the European market.Toyota is called “Europe’s first full hybrid super mini” the same car, but really what Where is the boundary of the Super Mini and City Car.It is this is FT-Bh, is also rumored to become a “Yaris hybrid” of the next generation.

For more information about the FT-Bh, let’s check in the press release (English).

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By Damon Lavrinc
Translation: Japan Video Translation Academy