“Purippa” increase in eschatology

“End of the world” is eternal theme.But are not waiting, those called “Purippa” that are preparing to believe end date is coming, have increased recently.A cable TV station, has aired the appearance of the “Purippa” in the series.

And are you broadcast this series, has worked the natural-history program “National Geographic” TV stations.From the beginning series “Doomsday Preppers last year (doomsday Purippa), a new episode is applied from February.

Purippa referred to here is not the people who are waiting to ascend to heaven waiting for the Second Coming of Christ.It’s anybody that tries to “prep (preparation)” as the day is survived well enough to be coming.Food for several years, gas mask, and holds such as bullet enough likely can fire to a small war to prepare for the day.

“National Geographic” TV station, were net survey to viewers in parallel with the broadcast.As a result, about 61% of the United States have responded that they think to be hit by a catastrophic event within the next 20 years.However, it was respondents are preparing Among enough that 15%.

Program is not only to introduce a wide preparation of Purippa, whether how to prepare a meaningful, efficient or, such as safety whether, has added even analysis and expert advice.

Men, the garage “end of day” remodeling in Purippu plants that live in Arizona.The trailer is in the garage, freeze-dried food and canned meat, purifying device of contaminated water, first aid supplies, guns, and the like have been loaded bullet.Also, it took two people of the desert away about a 30-minute weekly car a son, you are allowed to practice shooting.In addition, are planning also stand to make the underground shelter in the shipping container in the desert.

The man, the Christian friends say it because up to heaven to be no problem, he says want to survive on the ground with his family and neighbors.Time and costs to be applied to these preparations, as of fire, auto insurance, and say something like “end of day” insurance.

On the other hand, the fear is husband and wife who live in Texas, the Earth’s magnetic pole reversal.I believe that catastrophe of global scale occurs.The steel shipping container I held the food of 22 people for 15 years.A windmill, even solar power panels on site.I changed into a runaway vehicles of an emergency the school bus.

These Purippa’s heavy equipment, but in the same program and fear the economic crisis, inflation, have also introduced ordinary Purippa running in food preservation.That in between Purippa us, to store the food of beans, the United States, and freeze-dried food such as one year’s general.

For Purippa, there is also a net food company that has a large amount of selling the freeze-dried food.By the way at 240 meals $ 450 (approximately ¥ 36000), and are sold at a special price $ 6,495 (about 52 million) in 4320 meals.That these food hear is saved for 25 years.

The’s that set aside the food in preparation for any chance, it has been conducted for a long time.Although I live in the region there are a lot of Mormons, that they have stored the money that does not bother food and checking of one year.

However, although would not that it was strained in preparation, a large amount of ammunition and gas masks held and, if it and spend a lot of time in the preparation, it is not rather be thought of as a apocalyptic paranoia.What about reaction to the program.”How I learned whether to Survival” and “these people’s paranoia (paranoia)”, seems divided into two large opinion, 4.3 million people watching, 5,000 people after the program such as Tweets, the response is greater.

Last year Mr. Harold Camping, which operates evangelical radio station “Family Radio” in the state of California is, the May 21 outside predicted that “doomsday”.Because it shows one of the separator to December 21 in the Mayan civilization calendar this year, are also those who recite the 2012 phenomenon.

Era of material that stirs anxiety fly in net instantly.Fear of natural disasters, financial crisis, adds such as opacity of the economy, fear of “the end of the world” seems to have ballooned.