Or white flag to Messi Real “league championship is a very difficult situation.”

Barcelona won the Champions League final tournament first round first leg of the Leverkusen, which was held on the 14th at 3-1.Barcelona is approaching heavily on the quarter-finals by took the three goals in away game.

After Lionel Messi scored a third goal that becomes the Dameoshi in this game you have finished a fierce fight, leave a comment, such as:.

And had to replace the chip in the “We head.This is a Champions League, I because I knew that the match against Germany in the club difficult.After finishing the (league) Osasuna game, that you win the La Liga has become very difficult situation.So we’ve got switched immediately.But fight without giving up until the end. ”

Barcelona is that it lost to Osasuna game of Section 23, points behind the leaders Real Madrid has spread to 10.Literally Messi, Barcelona can achieve the La Liga four consecutive dream has become a very difficult situation.

It should be noted that the second leg of the Leverkusen is carried out in the Camp Nou on March 7.

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