1 month to liquefaction damage sewage recovery was serious Urayasu, also physical condition worsening

Great East Japan Earthquake that caused extensive damage to the Tohoku region by tsunami.On the other hand, the damage caused by liquefaction in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture occurrence.The February 2, residents of condominiums in Urayasu Irifune district “Park City Town House III” was sued affiliates and Mitsui Fudosan you subdivision sold as failure to liquefaction countermeasure.27 units of the owner of the total 70 units of Town House III is the plaintiff, seeking damages of restoration costs, such as a total of 700 million yen.

Plaintiff of one, A’s (65 years old) speak this.

“That day, spouting the muddy water from everywhere, such as the side of the sidewalk of gap and utility poles, around here on earth is now” mud of the river “in the moment.House slope, entrance of stairs was also would be filled with mud. ”

Lifeline was also destroyed.Earthquake and later, electricity, gas, water is across the board stop.Especially troubled of is, it was a toilet.

“I came to sewage can use it’m a the end of April.Between about 40 days, I went to prefabricated temporary toilet that is installed outdoors “(A’s)

After lifeline restoration also difficult lasted.it is possible to live in an inclined home, sense of balance is freaking, he residents complaining of poor physical condition was after another.

If you try to ascend “the stairs normally, and lightheadedness, shoulder will hit the wall.”Nausea is to” “eyes around has been to mouth as” with everyone every day.I have I is turning 3 in the past heart surgery, due to stress of life, arrhythmia of attack is now attending badly made hospital “(A’s)

However, this time is still not the movement of the litigation, that people are put up to be “compared to the lost Tohoku victims family” there were many.

※ women Seven 2012 March 1 issue