The voice of criticism in Matsushima of comments on Othello Nakajima

The 15th, is an Othello Nakajima Tomoko of partner that has been filed in the apartment rent arrears Matsushima Naomi is, Fuji TV series told of “Super News”, but it is that of “partner (Nakajima).And I have been very worried.That you have commented that the early I’m want to come back “is controversial in net bulletin board.

Regard to correspondence of Matsushima, he criticized such as “there is enough to Taningoto” “Do I Boyomi” “Do a little thing that can not be selected the word” “Do happens when Nakajima of darkness deeply know this” has flooded the net bulletin board.

On the other hand, “I had a lot guys you are writing me put out comment, it is criticized for doing this even out eventually comment,” “wonder hit the Matsushima it is impossible”, etc. also voice to defend.However, Nakajima and Matsushima is assembled a combi from April 1993, for many years, and to only have been both a pleasure and pain, For Internet users, it seems comment Matsushima was felt as being easily.

Nakajima is returned to the entertainment industry, I wonder can you see again figure that two of Othello is aligned.

· Staring ceiling with vacant eyes lying on the bed of Othello Nakajima “current”
· Othello Matsushima Naomi caring Nakajima “very worried”, in response to Fuji of coverage
Yamaguchi Tomomitsu, I “I want give somehow” worried about Othello Nakajima in rest
– “Ignore” Tomoko Nakajima Othello that “I have to consult with police commissioner”
· Entertainment reporter Inoue Oyakezo “Do not and do not notice the Othello Nakajima”

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