[Entertainment vitamin ♪] How can you get “air guitar? “AKB of new song” GIVE ME FIVE! “About the band playing Ota light bold statement of.

The new song “GIVE ME FIVE!” Of AKB48, TV “good laugh! Members of Rino Sashihara was introduced in “.In that case to hear the same song with the band playing, of laughter problems co-star Ota light “air guitar?He Sasuhara there was a rush was one act for which it was asked “.

Music by AKB’s first band playing “GIVE ME FIVE!” Has been released on February 15.Of this day “good laugh! In “, the theme of the corner” If $ Photos collection of dream “is has been a the AKB entanglement” When Haruna Kojima Ppoku shemale “.

When the photo the guest of male entertainer was transvestite to Haruna Kojima air is introduced, there than is the same song was also flows through the there is a character BGM of “GIVE ME FIVE!”.

Rino Sashihara of Wednesday regular, when notice it “Oh! This” GIVE ME FIVE! “I have a sale today.I began to thank you “and propaganda.She continues to be “so we band also doing”, co-star who also because showed interest “I’ve been doing musical instrument!” And than is tried to explain the.

But at that time, probably of laughter problem Ota light “air guitar?Since rammed “said Sasuhara also not a hastily” air, and he was repeatedly claimed by impatient as the air’m not !! think you’re doing just fine. “.

Sasuhara then, “because there is a trombone experience, do I have crunchy” about their instrument parts and talk, than is was me somehow know that you are doing a band playing on the actual.

Speaking of AKB48, but until now also “mouth Park suspicion” has become a hot topic, also be heard more than a little voice that was “the first time against” where it was showcased on television the band playing now.Seems impatient to “air guitar” remark at Rino Sashihara also such a situation.Do her but could be explained smoothly by was trombone experience, not for example was struggling I were Tomomi Itano of shaker responsible.

So far even several times a television program, how the AKB members were struggling to instrument practice towards the band formation have been introduced.Also in order not to waste it, I should step on the Bakazu by increasing the opportunity to play live in theaters and events.

New song “GIVE ME FIVE!” Has shown the sales of more than 96 million copies in the first day, Million achieved no doubt.Should want to listen to the same song Soredakeni many fans in the band playing live.
(TechinsightJapan editing part Maki Izumi)