To the catastrophe was Hasegawa Rie ex-boyfriend Junichi Ishida and Masaki Kanda and “stinking”

February 14, Rie Hasegawa announced in a blog and was catastrophe and Masaki Kanda in dating (61) (38).Marriage It was close and Futari which had been reported as well, dream of marriage Hasegawa did not fulfill.

Hasegawa, ever SAM (50) and Saijo Hideki (56) et al., Ultra-Mote woman that does not constantly rumors of love from older men to younger surfers and wrapper.So her love view is, was something referred to as “fit to me if you like me.”.As little consisting envy is an interview, sometimes where the talk like.

Men who have dating is just people like us to hear all say “crawl” that say Hasegawa.So while I think “Do my me asshole”, Hasegawa, selfishness has been vigorously become such a love more and more with ──.

Indeed, even when in company with famous too ex-boyfriend, Junichi Ishida (58 years old), is that it was expelled from the main bedroom to say even though had been living together “smell”, “Atchiike”.

For Hasegawa referred to as “cream puff want to eat”, Ishida that lined the popular shop, when that did not buy it sold out in three days in a row, there was also that it has Naji~tsu that “whether there motivated!”.That even emergency Ishida is divorced, when it began to press for marriage to Hasegawa, was well also had a outright disgusting look.

But Kanda, the successive men of Hasegawa was different is how.

I was seemed to be always from her for that “want to see” “, I it was a well that is not me Kanda’s to say that the” I want “is met.And though not a job, like there was also when it is stated in the reasons Tteyuu because want to be alone.Such love, was the first thing for Rie-chan “(Hasegawa acquaintance)

Or from usual of liberty is different thing was fresh, more of Hasegawa went devoted more and more to Kanda.What in the This I will be chasing the opponent?While holding a feeling that ….I had to change this to love stance also.I was talking terms in an interview.

<"Let's align to the other party" and to me the thought from his own, it is embarrassing, but this is the first time>

※ women Seven 2012 March 1 issue