“Is bad all Aniki” shock untold story in Kamedao is Takeshi defeated world war

December last year, was held at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, in boxing · WBA world double title match, even while fighting in Daiki Kameda home, became a result of losing to Tepparith Singwancha in the judgment.

But, that its on the back of the world war, there was a shock untold story by Kameda brothers.In NTV “Downtown DX” (the 16th minute broadcast), Koki Kameda & DaiAtsushi is a guest appearance, I revealed the episode.

And entitled “Why DaiAtsushi was negative”, Koki you back the same game is not Defend strategy that had been erected originally to be too hot, for DaiAtsushi that throughout the in fisticuffs, It is too becomes a “direction.Think strategy from before the game, I would have won absolutely if doing to the street.Opponent favorite style, because there hate style.Also Hen me heard anything of what you say.Every round, he said the candid advice and also say “many times each time you come back every round.

Also, on the second round was flushed with large amounts of nosebleed in the Go Cat gym punch DaiAtsushi.Do nosebleed is painful become handy to breathing during the game only, even bad impression to the judge to make a decision.Again Koki is “one, because I did a good game, minus point’m’m a nosebleed” Ya multiplying says, Masatoshi downtown Hamada show host is referred to as a “Yaro do you have bad”, what Koki the finger he was pointing.

The ambient guests show the confusion in this action, Hamada “(childhood, Koki is a DaiAtsushi) past bullying nosebleed has become easier out” is revealed the fact of shock that, DaiAtsushi also “I long time ago, and because you bashed, me.And confess that the nose becomes weak due’m out another immediately nosebleed even Toka sparring “is a structure that said fatal to boxer.Guest of Akira Nakao also nodded as “all Na’m bad Aniki”.
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