Somehow such mood – inductively implied [Correction! Thinking]

Approaching the trap of fall often thinking “improvement! Thinking”.This time, I pick up the “inductive implied”.

– It is a problem

What is the following A’s problem.

Mr. A was reading a fashion magazine.Has the following problems in the quiz corner.

“It is a mental exercise.For each problem, please create a simple sentence using the word that has been presented.

Question 1. autumn body fat appetite
Question 2. gold ax and silver Yonekura ax Norika Fujiwara Ryoko of
The length of the magnitude face questions 3. Height foot
Question 4. Heian Period Edo Period beauty Urizanegao
Question 5. High Heels gaze male
Question 6. protein sugar accumulation 3cm
Conspicuous question 7. fishnet stairs
Question 8. natto tofu apple
Question 9. active oxygen skin makeup of glue
Question 10. student Tsumamigui night ”

Mr. A Once you’ve done this problem, was stopped an eye on beauty advertising on the next page.”Kana Let’s start that he also said something beauty …”

Answer is here

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