I step into a word TEPCO stock delisting too hasty TSE president

Stock price of TEPCO with a limit low also, I have significantly updated the listing came Low.After you put a 206 yen daily limit full of early trading, TEPCO strain, back slightly in the Tokyo stock market of June 6, 2011, but fell again.I closed at 207 yen 79 yen depreciation of the previous day closing price.

Closing price of the Nikkei Stock Average of this day, 9380 yen 35 sen of 111 yen 86 sen discount.Decline in response to the stock market in the United States retreat feeling intensified in the deterioration of business confidence.Some “down material” is large, sharp drop of TEPCO stock seems to have more and more chilled investor sentiment and appreciation of the yen, it not be the.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. road to reconstruction to close at 299 yen on June 1 the same as JAL is “legal liquidation”, I fell below 300 yen for the first time as the closing price.that political situation is deepening the degree of confusion, among which there is a view “compensation measures to support TEPCO situation The fluid” and (securities analysts), investors have cash flow problems and recovery of creditworthiness of TEPCO I have not seen and resolved.

Closing price of June 3 at 282 yen, etc. to update the listing came Low closing price, the situation pawl is not applied to the decline was followed.

Under these circumstances, that it has to clear the view that “legal liquidation is desirable (reconstruction of TEPCO)” and, Asahi Shimbun Atsushi Saito, president of Tokyo Stock Exchange, (4 June) I reported the.

There also was a former president of the (now disbanded) Industrial Revitalization who dealt the playback of Kanebo and Daiei, (currently, Saito President, subject to the Corporate Rehabilitation Law Japan Airlines also “TEPCO I told the same process as “desirable and reconstruction in) Te.In addition, in terms of creating a special law referring to the financial system crisis in the 1990s, was investigated severely asset of TEPCO, to obtain the debt forgiveness in the bank with nationalized one o’clock if excessive debt.I showed off the plan in that case, TEPCO be delisted, but that re-listed as a power generation company in a few years.

Stock market While there were closed on the day of the press, may affect the overall market and individual stock prices are expected enough, securities analyst, Gimme amazed as “thoughtless remark too” I.I’m talking “by itself, president of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which operates the stock market, talk about the management of a company does not believe” also.


Heavy trading of more than 100 million shares as of every day is continued, TEPCO shares stock price volatility to increase remarks government officials and, of these market participants found that interest in short-term trading Zaya now it is to earn, to exploit the appearance of speculative.

Of 200 million shares trading volume of June 6 as well, was “super” heavy trading.

Securities analysts earlier, money game (TEPCO stock) “is overheated, individual investors generally been cool Conversely, trade becomes weak as the overall market.I speak better that is, “I’m worried about.

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