Is this in the good?Are increasing in Japan of “incompetence” employees in Shanghai

February 15, 2012, 蒋豊 Hana shaped paper-Japan new Chinese report (Jiang phone) Editor-in-Chief was published an article entitled “of Japan to work in Shanghai” 3F “employees give revelation” in Chinese blog site.The following is the content.

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From China started to reform and opening, the Shanghai many Japanese companies have moved.At the time of Japanese employees who anyway diligence.Many Chinese to see the first time in their work, I marveled as “Japanese amazing a serious”.However, in recent years seems to have caused a change in the quality of these Japanese.According to the Japanese business magazine, just say Japanese, “Education”, “expertise”, “language skills” is likely to exist “3F” position of unquestioned.

Japanese companies Why, such bother or adopted want the human resources?First is “village culture” of Japanese companies can be said to be in the background.Territorial, while to unite in the care of relatives, strangers will be eliminated.Since many of the Japanese companies do not try to change the “village culture” that term is also coming to Shanghai, even if it is adopted to managers of Japanese employees in “3F”, welcomed the company of the central is Chinese employees even matter how excellent do not have.

In education society Japan, extremely difficult to of these “3F” we find employment in well-known companies.In short, work in Shanghai many “3F” is a man who employment is not found in Japan.In Shanghai Just because they give a sense of security to the customer, it is possible to get a decent position.Just one, you want to the vitality that comes doing across the sea applaud.

But, the large negative impact that they “3F” gives to Shanghai of Japanese companies.Though higher than their salary Chinese employees, and not hold a candle in the ability.While facing these sense of unfairness and anger, not a few Chinese employees will quit that.And will be adversely affected to the development companies in this.

Shanghai of Japanese companies are also showing movement to withdraw from the Chinese market because of the “rapid rise in the minimum wage of Chinese employees”, but first it will should be reviewed from a waste of these personnel expenses.Sight Kikasu the “3F” employees width has become a Japanese company unique landscape.It can not be said whether whether is unconditionally bad good, but it is certain that it is in the other hand teachers for Chinese companies.(Translation and editing / NN)

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