[Africa departure! Breaking News] genocide! Chinese arrest you had eaten on a daily basis valuable turtle.(Zimbabwe)

Four Chinese were arrested in Zimbabwe.They eat a turtle that is specified in the endangered species in a daily basis, he even was selling the meat.

South African Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) is, February 16, for Chinese four men had killed 40 animals a turtle of endangered species, has announced that it has been arrested for Abuse Prevention Law violation.This turtle is called the Beruseoregame, recently populations has been designated as an endangered species in order to have plummeted.When police searched the 40 turtles of debris into the house, 13 animals living turtle, and there was a turtle meat.Apparently, it seems to have been put on the table on a daily basis the Beruseoregame.

It was first arrested in Chinese community living in Zimbabwe.Arrested after people who live in this village, four people were arrested testified that it was selling the turtle in Chinese.In addition, it was placed in a boiling water in order to sell the turtle meat, are also witnesses that had been removed the shell.According to the police investigation, four arrested and put in a large amount of turtle in one drum 2, example is also also found that had been kept do not give even water.

The Chinese colleagues have illegal immigration in Zimbabwe, it was working without a work visa in a small mining areas that Bikita away from the capital Harare about 300 km.

Currently, Chinese companies in Zimbabwe of the construction industry, has been one after another foray to mine relationship.Some Therefore, in the area where the Chinese community is increasing, snakes and edible frog, also reports from villagers that there are Chinese that sells such as dogs.In Zimbabwe authorities, and “it to act on the basis of Zimbabwe of Conduct” for the Chinese living in Zimbabwe, “you do not buy or sell non-traditional food” for such mining area to live many Chinese as it warned to have.
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