Who is new caster Chiaki Horan of NTV “NEWS ZERO”?

NTV night of signboard news program “NEWS ZERO” in Irish father of, mother that appear as caster from April 2nd Half of beauty Horan Chiaki Japanese was reported in some.

According to such profile, 160 centimeters tall in the current 23-year-old, feats and English cuisine.It was her debut at the age of 15, to broadcast squadron series “Mahou Sentai Magiranger” in TV Asahi, also in the movie version of the same year published appeared in ’05 it was 16-year-old.’09 To Nana Eikura starring Fuji TV drama “Mei-chan Butler”, last year it had appeared in the drama “The Sun Also Rises” TV Asahi of Koichi starring Sato, is not fly without languished as actress.

While talent activities, study abroad for one year to US Oregon State University in Aoyamagakuindai Faculty of Letters Department of English and American Literature student.I challenged the announcer test, including the agency, but can not pass, and is now served Monday caster at midnight of financial and economic news of the TBS “Business click”, but there is no name recognition of national constituency still.

“Horan is currently belong to the leading entertainment professional Southern All Stars and Fukuyama Masaharu belongs.Fukuyama is singing the ending theme of the show, he was the day of the week caster actress of Itaya Yuka before maternity leave who belong in the regular, appeared in occasional still.Since the office is a big success in the music and actors and actresses industries also expanding in earnest caster industry, it seems was fed the same program with thick pipe “(TV officials)

Because, as recent trend of major professional and stand out that have put “development and the excavation of the child actor, almost force on sale of young women caster has become a” one win “of certain free Ana office and because he “(up), degree of attention to Horan appointed’s high likely.