Good faith of folly as “nuclear damages Dispute Resolution Center”

It does not proceed incident handling of nuclear damages Dispute Resolution Center.According to the February 17 Mainichi Shimbun, one of 5 complaint number 948 until February 15 from accepting the start of September, it’s 5, in other words 0.5% was resolved.Article, as the cause of the delay, “In the previous procedures, while the passive attitude of TEPCO side stood out, not forced to become cautious center side of the situation to lead to the reconciliation in the unprecedented nuclear accident It has cited “.Whether there is any reason, this center, as the relief organization for nuclear accident victims, inevitably stigma of disqualification.
 I think it’s really stupid.When viewed from at least a lawyer’s perspective, too much of stupidity, there is no word.
 I immediately after the nuclear accident, toward the great’s of Japan Federation of Bar Associations, but continued to say “buy the computer with 100 million yen” were ignored.The person with the damages claims against TEPCO, reach several hundreds of thousand people even look less.If this people can fire a lawsuit individually, it’s an emergency you do not catch up even if another built the giant Tokyo District Court of government buildings.So Japan Federation of Bar Associations, in cooperation with the court, the plaintiff more than several hundreds of thousand people are classified into a plurality of groups, there was a responsibility to smoothly manage the litigation.There is a need to buy an expensive computer for the.That basis, in all cases, the best of lawyers and legal experts, nuclear power and was charged a scholar of world-class safety engineering, as early as possible, to determine the presence and extent of cause-and-effect relationship of TEPCO’s negligence he.We need huge cost, but Utsunomiya chairman following lawyer from 2011 spring to the streets of the Kanto and southern Tohoku summer Standing, by performing a litigation support gold of fundraising activities for the Tokyo Electric Power Company, several hundreds of million yen or more of gold, had that It would have gathered between.
 Again, my suggestion was completely ignored.That the place JFBA have said, it was the establishment of nuclear damages Dispute Resolution Center.
 In addition to trial, in itself be provided with a relief agency that purport quickly, I also not the opposite.If analogy, it’s the relationship of the traffic accident litigation and liability insurance.Since the lawsuit takes absolutely time, it is important from the point of view of the victims to leave the immediate support to extra-judicial institution.
 In this case, the most serious mission imposed on the relief agency’s quickness.To put it plainly, about the damage content is a victim, pay cash if there is a prima facie case, after, if the record whether anyone how much paid for in, so it is sufficient.If there is a shortage, it is sufficient to resolve in court.Is carried out in the final resolution is only court subject of dispute, it will thing called rule of law.
 But, the officials and lawyers had made, was the dense and careful Dispute Settlement Body, such as the court.As a result, it is 0.5% of resolution rate stood at six months.As a result of making a dense system, victims became perfunctory.It is ironic that it was ridiculous.Officials, but dare might be trying to narrow the relief range (Well anyway Come, the purpose and means are consistent) Mai, a lawyer is the case.If that is so, a lawyer involved in the nuclear damages Dispute Resolution Center establishment stupid.It is terribly stupid.Moreover, it is not unmanageable Because it is folly that is based on good faith.
 If you say it without fear of misleading, this time of the nuclear accident, judicial ie court and the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, expressed as a percentage of known its existence to the people, was probably the last chance.And the court of the waist, stupidity of Nichibenren executives, is the before one’s eyes missed this chance.