“Mobile game during the game,” Oka-chan led the Chinese team to scandalous reality

The 18th, Takeshi Okada, former Japan coach led the Chinese Super League Hangzhou Midori-jo and Korean practice game of the giants · FC Seoul has been done in Kagoshima Kirishima.The match in 45 minutes × 3 pieces of format, Hangzhou Midori-jo the defeat of 0-5 in total.But it became a problem to more than match results, was the name of the players of professionalism.

According to the place where Nikkan Sports reported, players commemorative photo with a pitch outside despite just before the match begins.Moreover, also referred to as players that do not appear in the game had Kyoji the portable game anteroom.Of course, in the top league of these actions is the world far from the J-League is big no-no.Can become even in punishment subject, it can be said that it is missing act of professionalism.

To this news, you want to think that it is not in the “this mood was the’m probably a w when came Japan Zico”, “during the match …,” “expected, official game” Do’s dismissal without put out when absorbing result “from Japan of soccer fan “” Do not it the team fake?There were numerous voices were amazed with. “