Eguchi Yosuke has exposed a surprising weakness! Ayame Goriki is maintaining a surname!? “Shabekuri 007”

Neptune, Kuryi Mushichuー, talk variety by three sets of seven entertainer dream that combines the popularity, ability of tutorial “Shabekuri 007”.Broadcasting February 20 tonight, appeared Eguchi Yosuke and Ayame Goriki!

In the talk with Eguchi, Eguchi of weakness is found to be “can not eat hot food.”.Although coffee piping hot are dealt in order to verify, studio to deployment that does not OJ expected abuzz! In addition, even the corner of “sell 007” members to presentation Recommended goods. Do really the reason for the presentation of the item who the grab Eguchi of mind?

Also, in the “Pretty profile” approach to the real face of Ayame Goriki, everyone was worried about (?) Members rare surname of “Herculean strength” is fiddle one-act also.And, good cuisine of Herculean strength is in the fact that fried egg,
To making the omelet confrontation of Herculean strength vs tutorial Fukuda.It was good of Fukuda cuisine gauze challenged in the game by receiving the ferocious support of Bekuri members ….

Actor at the forefront, surprising one side of Eguchi and Herculean strength is an actress, Inc.’s attention to tonight’s broadcast to go pulled out one after another in the ability of Bekuri members!

■ “Shabekuri 007”
February 20, 2012 22:00 to 22:54 (NTV)

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