500 million yen lottery “February 25 is the highest of the date of purchase,” said Maya’s Maya divination

Jumbo lottery first ever 1, etc. 300 million yen, the green jumbo lottery topic that hits the 500 million yen Together around Prize, was released finally.

It’s where you want to run immediately to buy, but waited a little.

“If you buy a green jumbo, frankly February 25 (Saturday) is the best of the date of purchase.”

Maya’s talk do this fortune-teller named Maya divination 15 years.That Maya divination and is to be arose in about 4600 years ago, but historic Divination using the calendar of the Maya civilization had such advanced astronomical observation technology.

In the “Maya divination, you can use the sun that Maya people were raised examined plugging away, the moon, Venus, a calendar of 17 types made from the motion, such as earth.In those Mayan calendar, each of the guardian deity is conceived in day by day, and, direction and strength of energy gather will change.So we are able to predict the optimal day and direction to the purchase of lottery “(Maya’s, same in the following” “)

Among them February 25 listed above, in the day that cosmic energy is maximized, that the God of rabbit dwells.

To say “Even the day of the good luck that energy is increased for everyone” portal Day “, only it is there only a few days a year, Green jumbo sale period (until March 14) In this February 25.Since this day attracts strong energy to the south, please choose the department in the south of direction from the home and workplace.In addition, it would be like rabbit of accessories is a guardian deity may be wearing ”

If you ask me the day that similarly strong energy is concentrated, the second is March 11, that’s the third is February 26.

“March 11 will gather the energy to the north.In addition, since a day that there is God’s blessing of wind = air, when you take a deep breath with the intention of replacing the heart of the air, which leads to fortune up ”

That the third of February 26, in the day that God of water dwells, direction of energy gather’s east.

“Just prior to go out on this day to buy lottery tickets, wash your hands and face with water, drink, etc., it will bring to take action related to water may fortune”

※ women Seven 2012 March 1 issue